Book layout design

Designing a book for a sports club's 100th anniversary was a challenge that required creative thinking and attention to detail. The final product showcased the club's history, achievements, and memorable moments through stunning visuals and compelling narratives.

Graduation project

In our final project at school, we explored typography in motion to create an identity, a typeface and technical experiments. We went deep into the world of design, experimenting with different fonts and techniques to create a visually stunning and unique final product.

Brand identity

The visual identity for Silent Moto, a new electric motorcycle brand, should reflect its innovative and eco-friendly approach. Consider using sleek and modern designs with a minimalist color scheme to convey a sense of sophistication and efficiency.


Visual identity

Design branding for new Stockholm pizzeria, creating an eye-catching visual identity. Focus on unique, modern design to stand out in the crowded restaurant scene.


Visual identity

A unique visual identity for a florist who excels in personalized, meticulous work. Tailored identity showcases seasonal and custom adaptations, reflecting her artistry and attention to detail.


Visual identity

Crafting a bold identity for a new firm merging architecture and construction. With "combining knowledge and passion" as the guiding principle, we captured their innovative approach to designing and building spaces.


Visual identity

With a focus on sustainable materials and a goal to build homes that last a centery, this identity was developed for real estate developers. The result is an identity that represents their expertise, vision and commitment to building a better future.

Urban Minds


Built a website for an architecture studio that relies on typography, clear sections, and a mature feel. The concept is designed to impress and communicate the studio's expertise with ease. The result is a sleek, modern website that perfectly captures their vision and values.

Office of Possibilities

A vibrant identity

Since 2019, I've been part of the dynamic team at OP Studio, crafting a vibrant style across the agency's logo, typography, website, presentations, and merchandise. Our journey continues, with new creative challenges and opportunities ahead.


Technical exploration

As part of our Dynamik project on motion typography, we created a visual demonstration of a font with different versions at varying speeds, adjusted by mouse position.

Technical exploration

We explored motion typography under Dynamik, creating a legible font for high speeds. We developed a typewriter in Javascript that adjusted font weight to keypress speed.


Visual language

An exploration of visual language for a quiz. My goal was to create a cohesive and engaging user experience. Using bold colors, clear typography and playful graphics to convey a sense of excitement and encourage users to participate.


Visual exploration

To push the boundaries of self-portraiture, I created an imaginary dashboard that showcases my skills and controls my key programs. The result is a visually striking piece that challenges the traditional concept of a self-portrait and highlights my unique approach to creativity.

Development stage


Visual identity

Crafted a lightning-fast identity for Freeky, a start-up that streamlines key management for vacation rentals. Their innovative solution is designed to simplify the rental process and provide a hassle-free experience for property owners and guests alike.


Visual identity

Designed a dynamic visual identity for a rapidly growing water filtration company. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, their cutting-edge solutions provide clean, safe water for communities and industries around the world. The result is an identity that captures their commitment to excellence and their passion for making a difference.