The visual identity for Silent Moto, a new electric motorcycle brand, should reflect its innovative and eco-friendly approach.

Silent Moto
Electric propelled motorcycle

Visual identiy

When a local entrepreneur in Gothenburg was unable to find the electric motorcycle he wanted, he took matters into his own hands and quit his job to build one from scratch. As he embarked on this journey, he discovered the importance of both the bike's aesthetics and its impact on the environment. He also realized that there was a market for his creation. This is where I became involved.

Working alongside a team of engineers and product designers, we set out to create an identity that would appeal to investors and customers alike. Our approach was based on the founder's desire for a bike that combined power with a sense of tranquility, allowing him to effortlessly move between work and family life. Ultimately, the brand was designed to complement the motorcycle's functionality rather than overshadow it.