Designing a book for a sports club's 100th anniversary was a challenge that required creative thinking and attention to detail.

HIF 100 Years

Book layout

Crafting a book to commemorate a sports club's centennial anniversary was no easy feat, necessitating a judicious blend of creativity and precision. Our final product artfully showcased the club's rich history, accomplishments, and unforgettable moments through a captivating interplay of imagery and storytelling.

Working alongside a team from the association, we adroitly wove together a dozen interviews featuring sports and administrative personnel, along with key statistics from each year and a dynamic slideshow capturing the essence of all decades.

Our primary goal was to capture the club's dual identity, as a close-knit community and a professional success story, manifested both collectively and individually. Our design approach prioritized every minute detail, including intriguing trivia, anecdotes, and other pertinent information typically featured in an anniversary book.